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Keith Altman, Esq builds solutions for people who come to him with difficult situations. He has the courage to go deep into your hardship and seek resolutions. While this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation for you, Keith has spent his career helping others in your situation. He has the shoulder you need when you need someone to care and the experience you need when you need results. 

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Compassion is an essential part of our communication with you. Our goal is to spare you suffering and distress. We do everything possible to relieve your pain by using intellect and heart. Empathy and compassion, along with a passion for the law, go hand-in-hand with successful outcomes.

Here to make things better for you.

Once you see that we care, you will appreciate our ability to think like lawyers. Our ears, minds and hearts are open to your situation. We have experience behind us to handle complicated cases. We are an effective boutique law firm. When you choose a boutique litigation team, you choose a firm who is big enough to make a difference, but small enough to hold your hand.

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